Our company was founded in August 1996. During the fifteen years of our existence we have become a well-known producer of woven goods made from wicker, birch brushwood, straw, and other weaving materials, as well as wooden accessories, bird nesting boxes, bird tables, and folk handicraft products.

    With our wide assortment of high quality products, attractive prices, as well as accurate and prompt completion of orders, we have won the trust of many clients both home and abroad. The vast majority of our products are handmade by craftsmen carrying on the tradition of many generations using natural, eco-friendly, renewable, and biodegradable materials. Most of our production is exported; mainly to Germany and Holland.

    See our product offer for more details. The Offer section holds general information on our products, divided into product groups and subgroups. Once in the Gallery section, you may browse through a few hundred items, divided like in the Offer section; into product groups and subgroups.

    Once you have a look at them, you are kindly invited to start cooperation with us.